The Microsoft EDGE is a web browser that is specifically developed for the Windows 10 operating system and it was first released for the Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2015 then this software released for the iOS and Android mobile devices in the year 2018. It includes the integration with cortana and it has an extension that is hosted on the Microsoft store, unlike the internet explorer browser, edge does not support the legacy BHO and ActiveX technologies. At initial stage the Microsoft Edge is built with Microsoft own Chakra engines and EdgeHTML where now the edge is currently being rebuilt as chromium based browser just by using the V8 and Blink engines. In Windows operating system such as like Windows 10, Xbox One consoles and in Windows 10 mobile Microsoft Edge is found to be the default web browser and it has replaced mobile internet explorer and internet explorer 11.

Edge broweser by Microsoft

Microsoft initially announced that their software will be supporting the legacy MSHTML layout engine for the backwards compatibility but later decided to make the Edge as a new engine while the internet explorer is continued to work as a legacy engine. Microsoft Edge browser integrates with the Microsoft online platforms in order to provide the dynamic information related to the search made in the address bar, search functionality and voice control. Moreover the Microsoft edge browser includes an integrated PDF reader and Adobe flash player and it supports the asm.js.

How to use

The Microsoft Edge is found to be a browser for your modern web, the board on which you search on the internet within Windows 10 then it is certainly functional, but the thing is that how much you use the browser effectively. As like the Windows 10 operating system the Edge also aims to make the life simple, where this is due to the interface design and it urges you to pay more attention.

  • First you need to launch the Setup just by clicking the “E-Edge” icon present in the start menu and once the edge is launched you can see the broad gray window where there will be full of small snippets of the contents from Microsoft, MSN apps.
  • The user can also launch the new tab in the Microsoft Edge browser; you can also see the some small square icons containing the frequently visited sites at the top of the search box.
  • By default the edge browser uses the Bing search engine to make user search in which you can either type the web address directly into the search box or else you can also enter the term to search

The user can choose their own home screen of their own interest in which there will not be even homepage icon presented unless if you choose the one to add. In this web browser reading list, downloads, favourites and browsing history are viewed as a hub and a side bar provides you all the functionality similar to the Internet Explorer favorites center and downloads manager.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s EDGE Browser