The Gadgetox is a new internet venue created with the sole purpose of offering the best news about technology and everything related to it as is created or developed. The website has been conceived with a single mission in mind: to offer a window to analyze the latest projects centered on hardware and software that era meant to improve the consumer experience in the tech world. If you have managed to keep up with the world of tech in the last five years, you probably have noticed a switch from the commitment to accuracy and objectivity on many tech sites to pledges of loyalty that have nothing to do with the quality of many products. The Gadgetox is looking to change that with our unique take on news.

In the Gadgetox we have a commitment to the truth by reviewing products in a different light than many established bloggers and news sites out there. Our reviews are focused on the working traits of the new technology and the comparison of specs of new and coming products to already released versions of them. We can tell when something is created to improve your livelihood or to make it complicated. We also have a deep understanding of the income handled by our readers and people who are not technophiles, so we look forward to offering a fair description of every new piece of technology that falls in our lap by studying how it works based on how well it performs the functions they advertise.

We hope you find our information accurate and helpful!