According to F-Secure’s latest Mobile Threat Report, the number of mobile malware threat rose to 259 in the Q3 of 2013, a 26% increase on the previous quarter. The report further reveals that 97% of these malwares target Android and 3% target Symbian. Surprisingly there has been no case of malware threat to iOS and Windows Phone. This report is based on data from the official Android Play Store and Apple App Store, third-party app markets and anonymised data from F-Secure mobile security customers. The report further metions,

Malware authors continue to concentrate on the Android platform, the report said, as Android holds 79.3% of the total market share in mobile phones and tablet devices.

One in five mobile threats are now bots, which is a sign that complexity of Android malware is increasing, the report said. However, fewer malware threats are appearing in the Google Play store due to enhanced security measures.

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Mobile malware threat rises by 29% in Q3. Android targeted by 97% of these malwares. No malware for iOS, Windows Phone
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